Picking out the back, side, and neck woods and laying out the body design

Choosing Wood 1
Choosing Wood 4
Choosing Wood 2

Designing the custom rosette

Joining the back

Joining the back 3
Joining the back 2
Joining the back 1

Preparing the neck blank and gluing the scarf joint and stacked heel

Bracing the back and soundboard

Bracing 1
Bracing 2

Sanding, preparing, and bending the sides

Installing the kerfing and radiusing the sides

Kerfing 1
Kerfing 2

Fitting the back and soundboard to the sides and installing the pick-up

Back to Sides 1
Back to Sides 2
Back to Sides 3
Back to Sides 4

Gluing on the soundboard and setting the proper neck angle

Neck angle 1
Neck angle 2

Mother of pearl headstock inlays and more neck work

Inlays 1
Inlays 2
Inlays 3

Fingerboard binding and inlays


Back attached and binding work

Neck shaping and fingerboard installation

Final sanding and tape up for finish

Prep for Sanding


Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 3

Finished product